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Microsoft ASO.NET

Course Description

This course will teach developers to build data-centric applications and Web services with Microsoft ADO.NET, Microsoft SQL Serverâ„¢ 2000, and the Microsoft .NET Framework. This course is designed for the professional platform developer who is responsible for designing and building data-centric, distributed applications for his or her organization. It is designed for developers who have component and Web application development skills, and who have previously built solutions by using Microsoft Visual Studio®.

At Course Completion

After completing the course, students will be able to:

Describe data-centric applications, ADO.NET architecture, and ADO.NET and XML. Connect to SQL Server and other data sources.

Perform connected database operations including executing SELECT commands, database definition commands, dynamic SQL commands, and commands that return data from a SQL Server database in XML.

Build a DataSet schema, populate it with data, and modify the data programmatically.

Build a DataSet from an existing data source.

Use XML techniques while working with DataSets, including mapping tables and columns, creating XSD schemas, building strongly typed DataSets, and interacting with XMLDataDocuments.

Build a Web service that uses ADO.NET to query and update a data source.

Troubleshoot errors within an ADO.NET application.

Whether you have been using Microsoft's ADO or have been creating applications that access data sources, this introduction to ADO.NET development will introduce you to how the .NET framework can be used with various data sources. Besides discussing data-centric applications, connecting to data sources, performing database operations, and DataSets, this course discusses the advanced features of database related technologies and their .NET implementation. Finally, it introduces the use of XML with data sources. Following this course, you will be able to build connected applications that make the most efficient use of modern data sources in the Microsoft .NET framework.

Data-Centric Applications and ADO.NET
Connecting to Data Sources
Performing Connected Database Operations
Building DataSets
Reading and Writing XML with ADO.NET
Building DataSets from Existing Data Sources
Building and Consuming a Web Service That Uses ADO.NET

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About our experts:

Richard Hundhausen is the founder of the Idaho Delphi and the Boise Visual Developers User Group (now the Boise Software Developer's Group) . He has been a technical editor and has collaborated on numerous .NET developer study guides for Wiley Gearhead Press, Pinnacle Publishing and New Riders. He has been working in IT for about 20 years, the last 10 as an independent consultant. Richard is currently a Microsoft Regional Director. He has been the Key Note Speaker and trainer for Microsoft Corp. He presented a series of of Windows 2003 Server and .NET 1.1 training seminars for Microsoft Asia. He has also presented Visual Studio .NET and the .NET architecture to academic audiences in Cambridge, MA (MIT, Harvard, and Boston University) and Houston, TX (Rice, University of Houston, University of Texas, Texas A&M).

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CD's only
Video Training on 5 CD's only, i.e. no exam simulators or study guides.

Learning Segments:

Course Prerequisites
Course Overview
MODULE 1: Overview
What is ADO.NET?
Data Architectures
Connected & Disconnected Environments
Data Stores
Demo - ADO.NET Namespaces
Demo - ADO.NET File Locations
Data Retrieval & Updates
Demo - Web Resources
MODULE 2: Overview
Data Providers
Collection of Classes
Demo - Connection Class
Demo - Creating Connections
Demo - Web Resources
Demo - SQL Server Security
Demo - Dynamic Help
Demo - Connection Objects
Demo - Exceptions
Connection Pools
Demo - Pool Management Tools
Demo - Web Resources
MODULE 3: Overview
Command Object
Demo - ExecuteScalar
Demo - Select Statement
Demo - ExecuteNonQuery
Demo - ExecuteReader
Demo - ExecueXmlReader
Demo - Adding Parameters
Demo - Visual Studio .NET
Demo - Stored Procedures
Demo - Database Transactions
MODULE 4: Overview
Demo - DataReader Object
Demo - Schema Table
Demo - DataReader Object
Data Binding
Demo - Output Parameters
Demo - Multiple Statements
MODULE 5: Overview
DataSet Overview
DataSet Object Model
Demo - DataSet
Data Adapter
Demo - DataAdapter
Demo - DataSet Schemas
Demo - Fill Schemas
MODULE 6: Overview
Demo - Extending DataSets
Demo - Back & Front End Schema
Demo - Custom Expressions
Demo - Additional Constraints
Demo - Foreign Key Constraints
Demo - Setting Foreign Key Rules
Demo - Data Relations
Demo - Selecting Data
Demo - DataView
Strongly Typed DataSets
Demo - Typed DataSet Tools
MODULE 7: Overview
Demo - Updating DataSets
Demo - Tracking Updates
Demo - Row State & Data Row Version
Updating Data Sources
Demo - Data Source Update Code: Option 1
Demo - Data Source Update Code: Option 2
Demo - Updating Data Sources
Demo - Updating Errors
Demo - Detecting Updating Conflicts
Handling Updating Conflicts
Minimizing Conflicts
Demo - Minimizing Conflicts
MODULE 8: Overview
Demo - Writing XML Data
Demo - Formatting XML
Demo - Reading XML Data
Demo - Writing XML Schema
Demo - Reading XML Schema
XML Data Document
Demo - XML Data Document
Demo - Serialization
MODULE 9: Overview
Demo - Code Generation: Server Explorer
Demo - Code Generation: Toolbox
Demo - Writing Code
Demo - InfoMessage Event
Demo - Data Binding
Demo - DataGrid
Demo - Updating Data
Demo - Resources
MODULE 10: Overview
Stateless Programming Overview
Demo - Integrated Security
Demo - Data Binding
Demo - DataGrid
Demo - DataView
Demo - Output Caching
Demo - Caching
Demo - Resources
MODULE 11: Overview
Web Service Architecture
Demo - XML Web Service
Demo - Returning DataSets
Demo - Passing Parameters
Demo - Web Service Data Return
Demo - Consuming Web Services
Demo - Resources
Final Comments

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