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Visual Basic .Net

Developing and Implementing Windows-based Applications with Microsoft Visual Basic.NET
& Microsoft Visual Studio.NET -
Exam 70-306

This course will give you the ability to develop and implement Windows-based applications with Web forms, ASP.NET, and the Microsoft .NET Framework. When you pass the Developing and Implementing Windows Applications with Microsoft Visual Basic® .NET and Microsoft Visual Studio® .NET exam, you achieve Microsoft Certified Professional status. You also earn:

Core credit toward Microsoft Certified Solution Developer (MCSD) for Microsoft .NET certification. Core or elective credit toward Microsoft Certified Application Developer (MCAD) for Microsoft .NET certification. Elective credit toward Microsoft Certified Database Administrator (MCDBA) on Microsoft SQL Server 2000 certification.

Learning / Exam module:

MCSD Certification - Developing and Implementing Windows-based Applications with Microsoft Visual Basic .NET and Microsoft Visual Studio .NET Exam 70-306
Course Duration: 30-40 hours

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Candidates for this course should have at least one year of experience developing Windows-based applications. Candidates should have a working knowledge of Microsoft Visual Basic .NET.


Candidates for this course work on a team in a medium or large development environment that uses Microsoft Visual Studio .NET, Enterprise Developer Edition.

Deployment options:

- Video Training
- E-learning
- ThinkTank Server Solution

About our experts:

Scott Anderson, of IT Centers, LLC has over 10 years training and consulting experience in the IT industry. He has developed software solutions for Fortune 1000 companies in America and Europe. His client list includes Blue Cross/Blue Shield of Northern New Jersey, Blue Cross/Blue Shield of North Carolina, CIGNA, Prudential Insurance Company and New York Life Insurance Company. Scott's experience in the IT industry has stemmed from developing solutions from a vendor neutral stance, thereby providing the best possible technology result. Scott instructs MCSD.NET classroom-based Boot Camps and Seminars across the United States.

Course features:

- Instructor led training on CD Rom digital audio/video presentations
- Money Back Guarantee*
- Hands-on exercises
- Free educational support from our certified staff
- Test prep simulators
- Approved & authorized curriculum
- Comprehensive e-Book study guides
- Affordable pricing
- Free Delivery (UK only)
- Free Upgrades

Deployment methods
40 hours Self Study, Live High quality Video training, Instructor lead, online, Downloadable PDF e-Books, Online Streaming Video (Broadband min 512k),1 Yr Technical Email Support, Training simulations, 12 months Free Upgrades, Exam Simulator close to the real thing!
16 CD's, 1 Yr Technical Email Support, 1 Study guide, 40 hours Self Study, 1 Yr Technical Email Support, Training simulations, 12 months Free Upgrades, Exam Simulator close to the real thing! NEW - 60-day evaluation version of Microsoft Visual Studio® .NET 2003 Professional Edition on DVD
CD's only
Video Training on 16 CD's only, NEW - 60-day evaluation version of Microsoft Visual Studio® .NET 2003 Professional Edition on DVD i.e. no exam simulators or study guides.

Learning Segments:

MODULE 1: Overview
Microsoft .NET Platform
.NET Framework
.NET Framework Components
Visual Basic .NET Enhancements
MODULE 2: Overview
Integrated Development Environment
Creating Visual Basic .NET Projects
Analyzing Project Structure
Setting Project References
Project Properties
Demonstration - Creating VB .NET Project
Using Development Environment Features
Demonstration - Visual Studio .NET IDE
Debugging Applications
Demonstration - Debugging a Project
Compiling in Visual Basic
Lab - Development Environment
MODULE 3: Overview
Data Types
Using Variables
Demonstration - Variables & Structures
Functions, Subroutines, Properties
Demonstration - Variables & Procedures
Exception Handling
Demonstration - Exception Handling
Lab - Implementing Exception Handling
MODULE 4: Overview
Designing Classes
Object-Oriented Programming Concepts
Microsoft Visio
Demonstration - Use Case Diagrams
Class Diagrams
Demonstration - Class Diagrams
Lab - Class Diagrams from Use Classes
MODULE 5: Overview
Defining Classes
Creating & Destroying Objects
Demonstration - Creating Classes
Lab - Creating Customer Class
Demonstration - Inheritance
Demonstration - Interfaces & Polymorphism
Working with Classes
Demonstration - Handling Events
Comparing Classes to Structures
Lab - Inheriting Package Class
MODULE 6: Overview
Why Use Windows Forms?
Windows Forms Structure
Using Windows Forms
Demonstration - Windows Forms
Using Controls
Demonstration - Using Controls
Drag-n-Drop Functionality
Demonstration - Drag-n-Drop
Windows Forms Inheritance
Demonstration - Inheritance
Lab - Customer Form
MODULE 7 - Overview
Windows Forms Controls
Demonstration - Toolbar Controls
Dialog Boxes
Demonstration - Dialog Controls
Validating User Input
Demonstration - Validating Data
Lab - Working with Controls
MODULE 8 - Overview
Extending & Creating Controls
Demonstration - Creating Controls
Demonstration - Creating Composite Controls
Adding Design-Time Support for Controls
Demonstration - Control Design-Time Support
Licensing a Control
Demonstration - License Controls
.LIC File
Lab - Building Controls
MODULE 9 - Overview
Introduction to ASP.NET
Response & Request Objects
Maintaining State
Managing ASP.NET Applications
ASP.NET Security
Creating Web Form Applications
Demonstration - Creating Web Forms
Lab - Creating Customer Logon
Building Web Services
Demonstration - Creating a Web Service
Using Web services
Demonstration - Web Services
Lab - CustomerService Web Service
MODULE 10: Overview
ADO.NET - Overview
.NET Providers
Demonstration - ADO.NET & Retrieving Data
DataSet Object
Demonstration - Using DataSets
Data Designers & Data Binding
Demonstration - Data Form Wizard
Data Binding
XML Integration
Demonstration - XML Schemas
Lab - ADO.NET Applications
MODULE 11: Overview
Components Overview
Creating Service Components
Demonstration - Service Component
Lab - Creating a Service Component
Creating Component Classes
Demonstration - SyncLock Statement
Demonstration - SyncLock Statement
MODULE 12: Overview
.NET & COM in Windows Applications
Demonstration - COM Components in .NET
Win32 APIs & Windows Applications
Demonstration - Win32 API
Lab - COM & Win32 APIs
MODULE 13 - Overview
Windows Application Printing
Demonstration - Adding Print Support
Print Preview & Page Setup
Print Documents & GDI+
Demonstration - Print Documents & GDI+
Crystal Reports
Lab - Creating Crystal Reports
MODULE 14 - Overview
.NET Asynchronous Programming Model
Demonstration - Asynchronous vs. Synchronous
.NET Asynchronous Support
Asynchronous Programming Model Design
Demonstration - Asynchronous Call & XML Service
Asynchronous Calls to Any Method
State & Data Multithreaded Protection
Demonstration - State & Data Protection
Asynchronous Calls & XML Service
MODULE 15 - Overview
Adding Accessibility Features
Demonstration - Accessibility Features
Adding Help Support
Demonstration - Help Support
Localizing an Application
Demonstration - Localization
Lab - Application Usability
MODULE 16: Overview
Describing Assemblies
Deployment Strategy
Lab - Packaging Components
Creating a Setup Project
Deploying Applications
Demonstration - Deploying Web Applications
Lab - Deploying Windows Applications
MODULE 17 - Overview
.NET Framework Security
Code Access Security
Demonstration - Security Policy Settings
Code Access Security Test
Demonstration - Permission Requests
Role-Based Security
Demonstration - Role Based Security
Lab - Permission Requests
MODULE 18 - Overview
Upgrade Decisions
Upgrade Options
Performing Upgrades
Demonstration - Upgrade Wizard
Course Summary

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