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Visual C# .Net

Developing and Implementing Windows-based Applications with Microsoft Visual C# .NET and Microsoft Visual Studio .NET - Exam 70-316

This course will give you the ability to develop and implement Windows-based applications by using Windows Forms and the Microsoft .NET Framework. When you pass the Developing and Implementing Windows®-based Applications with Microsoft Visual C#™ .NET and Microsoft Visual Studio® .NET exam, you achieve Microsoft Certified Professional status. You also earn:

Core credit toward Microsoft Certified Solution Developer (MCSD) for Microsoft .NET certification. Core or elective credit toward Microsoft Certified Application Developer (MCAD) for Microsoft .NET certification. Elective credit toward Microsoft Certified Database Administrator (MCDBA) on Microsoft SQL Server 2000 certification.

Learning / Exam module:

MCSD Certification - Developing and Implementing Windows-based Applications with Microsoft Visual C# .NET and Microsoft Visual Studio .NET - Exam 70-316
Course Duration: 30-40 hours

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Candidates for this course should have at least one year of experience developing Windows-based applications. Candidates should have a working knowledge of Microsoft Visual C# .NET.


Candidates for this course work on a team in a medium or large development environment that uses Microsoft Visual Studio .NET, Enterprise Developer Edition.

Deployment options:

- Video Training
- E-learning
- ThinkTank Server Solution

About our experts:

Steven Borg, MCSD, MCT, Author Steven's goal is to develop innovative solutions to difficult and interesting problems, especially those that improve communication between people or reduce transaction costs between businesses. Steven has over 14 years of experience creating technical solutions to a variety of civilian and military problems, as well as 9 years active involvement in adult learning. Steven has actively worked with Visual Studio .NET and the .NET Framework for over 3 years. Steven has used his .NET experience to write two technical books for Wiley press, one of which was selected to be translated into Simplified Chinese. His Previous experience includes seven years of Microsoft Office development using Visual Basic for Applications. Six years of experience designing object-oriented Visual Basic applications using various CASE tools in a Rapid Application Design environment. Steven has very extensive knowledge of the .NET Framework and .NET development, including VB.NET, C# and ASP.NET, including all XML aspects of .NET. Steven has involved knowledge of object oriented development using the Component Object Model (COM/ActiveX), and object oriented design using the Unified Modeling Language (UML). He also has advanced programming skills in Visual Basic .NET, C#, XML, XSL, XSLT, Visual Basic, and Visual Basic for Applications and is knowledgeable in Java and SQL.

Course features:

- Instructor led training on CD Rom digital audio/video presentations
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- Hands-on exercises
- Free educational support from our certified staff
- Test prep simulators
- Approved & authorized curriculum
- Comprehensive e-Book study guides
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Deployment methods
40 hours Self Study, Live High quality Video training, Instructor lead, online, Downloadable PDF e-Books, Online Streaming Video (Broadband min 512k),1 Yr Technical Email Support, Training simulations, 12 months Free Upgrades, Exam Simulator close to the real thing!
18 CD's, 1 Yr Technical Email Support, 1 Study guide, 40 hours Self Study, 1 Yr Technical Email Support, Training simulations, 12 months Free Upgrades, Exam Simulator close to the real thing!
CD's only
Video Training on 18 CD's only, i.e. no exam simulators or study guides.

Learning Segments:

Course Overview
Module 1 - Overview

Demo - Creating a Form
Form Lifecycle
Demo - Events
Demo - Inheritance
MDI Applications
Demo - MDI Applications

Module 2 - Overview
Demo - Events
Demo - Controls
Dialog Boxes
Demo - Dialog Boxes
Run Time Control Modification
Demo - Run Time Controls
Demo - Menus
Validating User Input
Demo - Validating User Input
Web Resources

Module 3 - Introduction
Module 3 - Overview

Options for Building Controls
How to Test a Control
Demo - Creating a Composite Control
Demo - Create a Custom Control
Design-Time Support
Licensing a Control

Module 4 - Overview
Data Connection Objects
Demo - Typed Data Set
Demo - Updating Data
Data Binding
Demo - Data Binding
Formatting Controls & Parsing Data
XML Web Service
Web Service Structure
Demo - Accessing a Web Service
Persisting Data & Serialization
Demo - File I/O
Demo - Serialization & Deserialization
Isolated Storage
Demo - Isolated Storage
Persisting Application Settings
MS Application Blocks

Module 5 - Overview
.NET vs. COM
Role of RCW
Demo - .NET & COM
.NET & Win32 API
Demo - .NET & Win32 API

MODULE 6 - Overview
Demo - Print Document Object
Adding Functionality
Demo - Print Dialog Boxes
Using GDI+
Demo - Printing with GDI+

Module 7 - Overview
Demo - Asynchronous Programming
Asynchronous Design Pattern
Demo - Asynchronous Design Pattern
Demo - Asynchronous Calls
Keeping Code Safe
Demo - Thread Safety

Module 8 - Overview
Demo - Accessibility
Application Help
Demo - Application Help
Demo - Localization

Module 9 - Overview
Demo - Private Assemblies
Demo - Strong Named Assemblies
Global Assembly Cache
Demo - GAC & .dll Files
Demo - Application Configuration Files
Additional Configuration Files
Packaging & Deploying .NET
Demo - Deploying Applications

Module 10 - Overview

Code Access Security
Declaring Security Level
Demo - MSCorCfg & Permissions
Demo - Code Access Security
Role Based Security
Demo - Role Base Security
Demo - Generic Principle
Course Summary

70-316 - Part 2
Course Prerequisites
Course Overview

MODULE 1: Overview
.NET Framework
Common Language Runtime
Base Classes
Reference Websites

MODULE 2: Overview
Demonstration - Console Application
.NET Tools
Demonstration - .NET Tools

MODULE 3: Overview
Common Type System
Declaring Variables
Demo - Declaring Variables
Demo - Operators
Enumerations & Structures
Demo - Enumerations & Structures
Demo - Data Conversion
Demo - Value & Reference Types

MODULE 4: Overview
Demo - Statement Blocks
Demo - Selection Statements
Demo - Iteration Statements
Demo - Jump Statements
Exception Handling
Demo - Exception Handling

MODULE 5: Overview
Demo - Methods
Demo - Parameters
Demo - Recursive & Overloaded Methods

MODULE 6: Overview
Demo - Declaring Arrays
Demo - Passing & Returning Arrays
Demo - Console Application

MODULE 7: Overview
Classes & Objects
Demo - Object Browser
Encapsulation & Development
Encapsulation Defined
Demo - Building Classes
Demo - Keywords & Classes

MODULE 8: Overview
Demo - Creating Objects
Demo - Object Constructors
Demo - Private & Static Constructors
Object Disposal
Demo - Object Disposal
Demo - Disposal Design Pattern

MODULE 9: Overview
Demo - Inheritance
Interfaces & Abstract Classes
Demo - Interfaces
Demo - Abstract Classes
Demo - Polymorphism

MODULE 10: Overview
Demo - Namespaces
Demo - Base Class Library
Demo - String Class
Internal Scope
Demo - Internal Scope & Factory Pattern

MODULE 11: Overview
Demo - Overloading Operators
Demo - Delegates

MODULE 12: Overview
Demo - Attributes
Demo - Custom Attributes
Demo - Reflection

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