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Adobe InDesign 2

Course Description:

This computer-based training series will teach you intermediate through advanced techniques of Adobe InDesign CS that you can apply to your work today. These self-paced training will take the guesswork out of the revolutionary new Adobe InDesign CS and give you the answers you want today.

Adobe InDesign CS is Setting new standards for professional layout and design. And Our InDesign CS Training Software will help you achieve the results you expect with this powerful new program.

Adobe® InDesign® CS software delivers the page layout tools you've always wanted. Plus, it frees you to be more creative by delivering intuitive features that reduce elaborate design tasks to a few quick steps. When you're ready to print, the results are precise and reliable. InDesign CS also makes it easy to move beyond print with built-in support for publishing pages anywhere - to Adobe Portable Document Format PDF as eBooks, on the Web, and more.


Anyone wanting to become more proficient in InDesign.

You'll quickly feel at home with Adobe InDesign®. Boost your productivity further by setting aside time for focused exploration with a trainer, training video tutorial. Then keep your skills on the cutting edge.

Course features:

  • Full Motion Video
    Each class is presented in full motion video allowing you to see the steps, hear the explanations, and perform the tasks which includes our interactive hands-on training simulations, students will learn from real-world scenarios taught by our expert instructor.
  • Instructor-Led Training
    combines both the convenience and affordability of computer-based training with the effectiveness of a traditional classroom setting. The instructors featured in our multi-media CD's are not only certified in their area of expertise, but also have years of real world experience and are subject matter experts in their fields.
  • Hands-on Lab Simulation
    Hands-on Lab Simulation is a crucial component of your IT training. Practice make perfect. Step-by-step hands-on labs with detail instructions are included to reinforce all key concepts. When you complete a topic, choose the Lab Simulation button to select the associated hands-on lab exercises. Labs allow you to reinforce concepts by performing the tasks you've just learned.
  • Free Upgrades
    A unique benefit of the Sandline Learning System? is that it allows you to stay current with the ever-changing certification requirements. When a certification test changes and we produce an upgrade for the certification program, we offer our customers free upgrades on their interactive CD-ROM's for up to 1 year from date of original purchase? absolutely free!
  • Free educational support from our certified staff

Deployment methods
Live High quality Video training, Instructor lead, online, Downloadable PDF e-Books, Online Streaming Video (Broadband min 512k),1 Yr Technical Email Support, Training simulations, 12 months Free Upgrades, Exam Simulator close to the real thing!

3 Interactive CD-ROM's

Learning Segments:

The New InDesign
Creativity Features
Productivity Features
Integration Features
Cross-Media Publishing
The Workspace
Working With Palettes
Getting Help
The Menus
File/Open/Save Print
Edit/Cut/Copy Paste
Layout/Pages Guides
Type/Font Style
More Menus
Object/Arrange Group
Table/Create Tables
View/Zoom Rulers
Window & Help
Creating A Document
Open & New
Master Pages
Using Text
Improving & Saving
Text Formatting
Inserting Pictures
Placing Text
Column Guides
Paragraph Alignment
Bullets & Numbering
Formatting Text
Tabs & Indents
Type Styles
Placing Images
Text Wrap
Image Objects
Editing Images
Creating Shapes
Modifying Shapes
Fill & Stroke
Placeholder Shapes
Lines & Paths
Line & Pencil Tools
Pen Tool
About Paths
Type On A Path
Links & Printing
Object Links
The Link Palette
Save To Service Bureau
Printing Options
Inserting A Table
The Table Palette
Table & Cell Options
Excel Tables
Layers & Master Pages
Using Layers
Placing & Layers
Using Master Pages
New Master Pages
Working With Color
The Color Palette
Swatches Palette
Color Libraries
Position & Alignment
Arrange & Group
Image Controls & Effects
About XML
Creating Tags
Creating Structure
Saving & Exporting
Long Documents
Creating A Book
Table Of Contents
Library Files

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